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Supplying lighting fixtures and controls
Providing lighting consultancy

About Us

Nowadays, Qatar focuses on sustainability, technological
advances in modern building materials, and the marvels of
contemporary architecture which are visible in the iconic
skyline of Doha. The challenging task of designing energy
efficient or “green” buildings without compromising on style,
calls for innovative solutions. The Lighting Industry however
faces new challenges with the new building material, and
requires a high level of expertise and skills to highlight glass
transparency and aluminum reflectance.

Qlight is supported by a decade of professional knowledge and
experience and is credited with the expertise of managing
internally renowned brands and projects in the lighting field. A
“green approach”, which addresses the issues of power
consumption, ecology and the implications of lighting design
on the general environment, is fundamental to our
business. Qlight Qatar LLC is strategically poised to expand its
operations in Qatar. Sound technical know-how combined with
an in depth knowledge of the local market are sustainable
competitive advantages we bring to any potential project.

Our Mission

At Qlight, our main focus and advantage is our knowledge in
the lighting field, both technologically and design wise, along
with our profound value for ethical relations.

We mainly provide our full technical support and expertise to
Architects and MEP consultants, and most certainly to the end
users who are seeking the most optimized professional
lighting ideas and solutions for their projects.

Our mission is to fully guide the clients through this maze by
assisting them to reach the best possible solutions to their
needs. Qlight aims to be the leading lighting supplier and
consultant in Asia, mainly based in the state of Doha, Qatar.

Mission & Vision

"When you discover your mission, you
will feel its demand. It will fill you with
enthusiasm and a burning desire to
get to work on it."
- W. Clement Stone

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a worldwide lighting compass for Architects, MEP Consultants and end users that are looking for a capable lighting consultant who will be able to combine and understand both the business aspect and the technical features of the project leading to deliver the SMART solution.

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